Privacy Policy

By using this website, you accept the terms in this privacy policy.

What this policy applies to

This privacy policy applies to services offered by, including (but not limited to) commissions, email list subscriptions, contests and giveaways, and other interactions with that require any exchange of information.

It does not apply to other services such as RedBubble, which a user may use to purchase L James products. Interactions on sites other than are subject to those websites’ own privacy policies.

Information that gets collected (and how)

Information that is collected by varies depending on what it is collected for.

How collected information is used

How collected information is shared by L James

L James might share collected information in specific circumstances. If a mailing address is provided when entering a contest or giveaway, the address may be shared with other services in order to mail a prize. For example, if the prize is a product from RedBubble, L James would make the purchase of the products, but have RedBubble mail the products directly to you. By submitting information to enter contests or giveaways, you give L James permission to use this information for the purpose of those contests or giveaways.

If you wish to make a contribution to one of L James's emails, they may use your name to credit you in the email and possibly ask for more information if your contribution is used. By sharing something that may be of interest to the Mail List, you give L James permission to use your name and any other agreed-upon information to credit you.

Your email address will not be shared with others for any reason, unless you specifically request for it to be displayed (e.g., in the description for a commission, in place of or in addition to a website link).

Any PayPal information you provide will absolutely not be shared with anyone, outside of what is needed to make a transaction via PayPal.

Safety of your information or a third-party service may use a secure database to store email addresses that are signed up for the email list, allowing L James to easily send newsletters and emails to a large amount of email addresses at once. Every effort will be made to ensure the security of your information, and improvements will be made as needed. Other personal information, such as that provided for a commission, may be kept for a period of time in order to identify users and recognize returning and loyal individuals. This information will be kept secure as well, and security measures will update as deemed necessary.

How to opt out of information collection

If you have provided information of any kind directly to L James (by purchasing a commission, for example) you may email and ask that your information be removed from all records.

For information associated with an email subscription, you may unsubscribe from the Mail List using the link provided in all emails. When you unsubscribe, your records will be removed from the email database.

Changes and updates

This privacy policy may be changed or updated based on new information, questions and concerns, or areas that are deemed unclear. If a change is significant, users may be notified by email, if they have provided their email address to A notice may also appear on if a significant change is made.