Commissions by L James

Look no further for great art of your (or a friend's) characters! Crisp quality and quick communication and turnaround guaranteed. Just review the following information, then fill out the form below for a fast quote and to take the first step towards receiving cool art.

Please review the commission status and read the prices, terms, subjects, and process information before submitting an inquiry.

Commission Status

Commissions are closed.

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Examples & Prices

Each commission includes:

Commissions are currently closed. Check back later for specific types and prices!

Terms of Service

If you're interested in commissioning me, read these terms first! They cover your rights, my rights, and what to expect. By purchasing a commission, you certify that you accept to these terms.


By purchasing a commission, you certify that:


Additional charges



L's Mail List

By purchasing a commission, you agree that you have accepted all of the above terms.

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Subjects & Will/Won't

I will be more likely to draw some types of characters and subject matter than others. If you're not sure about your own character, email me and ask!

Things I will happily draw

Things I might draw, or case-by-case subjects

Things I will not draw

In the end, these are guidelines and I have the right to turn down any commission request with or without an explanation.

Important note: Some characters may have alternative or unexpected anatomy or gender expression, and that is fine! However, I will automatically turn down any request that uses slurs or fetishizing terms against LGBTQIA+ individuals to describe these characters (including but not limited to: dickgirl, cuntboy, tranny, futa, herm, etc.)

A note on bodies:

* I will draw uncovered heads, limbs and extremities, torsos, breasts (with or without nipples), bottoms, tails, whatever you like, as long as it's not actual genitals or portrayed in a way I perceive as fetishized.

A note on fetishes:

** We all have our kinks, and I'm not going to shame anyone for their preferences. However, these are often extremely subjective and have a good chance of alienating people who aren't into them - for this reason, I don't want to draw them and post them on my website. Thank you for understanding!

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Process Overview

Here is roughly how you can expect the commission process to go.

  1. You read these the terms and other information on this page in its entirety, as well as review prices.
  2. Fill out the commission form completely and email it to
  3. I will review the form, ask for more details if necessary, and if I accept the commission I will give you a price and ask your permission to request a payment of that amount.
  4. If you agree to the price, I will send a payment request through PayPal for the amount to the email address you provided.
  5. As soon as you pay me, I will get started on drawing!
  6. I will send you small watermarked images for review at each stage of the commission - sketch, lines, flat color, and shading. Please point out corrections to be made as soon as possible - for example, pointing out a problem with the character's pose in the sketch stage instead of the fully-colored stage. This will ensure I can get your commission done as quickly as possible.
  7. If there need to be multiple changes made, please point out as many as possible so I can correct them all at once. I will not go back and edit the picture more than three or four times per stage.
  8. You can request changes free of charge for legitimate mistakes on my part, but major changes from what was agreed upon before payment will result in extra charges depending on complexity, to be paid before I continue.
  9. Once the final stage is finished, I'll send you the small watermarked file for review. As soon as you accept the final version, I'll send you a medium-sized file and a high-resolution file. If you'd like additional sizes, you may request them. I won't crop the image for you for banners, icons, etc. - you may use the art in these things, but you must make them yourself.
  10. Unless we made other arrangements at the beginning, you may use the art for whatever personal purpose you like, and I will upload it to my website and social pages.

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Commission Form

Commissions are currently closed. Please check back later!

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