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L James

L James

About L James

Who is this?

My name is L James, I live in Kennewick, WA in the United States, and I am a 22-year-old agender (them/they pronouns) artist and designer.

I graduated in December 2015 from Herzing University with a Bachelor of Science degree in graphic design with a concentration in web design. I spend some of my spare time self-teaching web design and development. I consider myself proficient in HTML5 and CSS3, and I have some experience with JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL. I built this website myself!

My primary interest is vector art. I don't have a drawing tablet to call my own, and didn't have Photoshop a few years back when I started in digital art, so one day a I downloaded Inkscape and began drawing and editing lines with a mouse. Except for occasionally dipping into Adobe Illustrator once I started working on my degree, I've been drawing like this ever since!

My other interests are varied - I also like to stick my grubby paws into music, games, programming, 3D work, print design, and animation.

Contact me

I can be reached by email at (is there an echo in here?) for general inquiries, comments, and questions, or if you have questions or inquiries about commissions specifically.

Besides that, you can find me at the following sites:

You can also find me, as well as buy stuff, at these sites: