L James Projects

These are some of the projects I'm currently working on above and beyond regular art. I've contributed or currently contribute artwork, music, writing, and/or programming to these projects!


Lūdō is a film about sharing and friendship. After a Critter accidentally loses their ball, the unexpected happens when they try to get it back!

This was my first totally solo short film, which took 5-6 weeks to complete and was released in August 2016. I did everything from start to finish - writing, designs, music, story boards, animation, and editing. It was also a test project for an entirely free and open source animation toolkit, which you can find more info about in the link below.

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Bottle World: Explore

Bottle World is a tiny world bursting with magic and secrets. Celestial Beings, special heroes who hear the whispers of adventurous spirits, set out to discover all they can!

This is an email-based choose your own adventure game where you play as an adventurous spirit, whispering suggestions to an explorer whose path is ultimately decided by players' votes. I'm contributing art, writing, and technical work to this project.

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Cinnabar & Almanac Adventures

Join in on the adventures of the down-to-earth gnome Cinnabar and the starry-eyed undine Almanac, as they blaze a trail through the skies on their stolen royalty-class airship.

I mostly contributed character models to this project, though I took on a little animation here and there and provided some story input as well.

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Running Man

When a huge mystery disrupts the entire city, a werewolf and his ghost partner decide to get to the bottom of it once and for all.

This was my first complete comic and a solo story - I did all the work on it alone. It took about a month and a half to complete and updated daily during October 2016. As with Lūdō, this comic was created using free and open source software - primarily Inkscape.

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Bottle World

Bottle World

A mysterious meteor, infused with sound and color, has touched down on the surface of a little world that's bursting with secrets and magic. Inside the meteor is a celestial child. The child is you.

I'm currently contributing art, writing, and planning to this project.